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Solo exhibition: Derek Mainella- NEW PPL. White Wizard, Liverpool 13.03.2015 - 10.04.2015
Curated by Dave Evans. For website click here
Huffington Post article (March 20, 2015) on Sunday at the Park with Ed group exhibition, Display London curated by Pascal Rousson and Cedric Christie. Image feature. Click here:
 ARE YOU ALRIGHT? New Art From Britain. Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA)- Toronto

Boo Saville // Caroline Achaintre // Clem Crosby // Dawn Mellor // Elizabeth Eamer // Graham Dolphin // Harry Burden // James Unsworth // Jonathan Baldock // Justin Mortimer // Laura Oldfield Ford // Tom Gidley

1 February - 24 March 2013. 952 Queen Street West Toronto, ON. Canada M6J 1G8 416 395 0067

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Curated by Derek Mainella and Elizabeth Eamer

l-r: James Unsworth / Laura Oldfield Ford / Dawn Mellor / Clem Crosby

Jonathan Baldock (left), Justin Mortimer (center), Graham Dolphin (right, far right)

Graham Dolphin (left, center), Laura Oldfield Ford

Graham Dolphin

Graham Dolphin

Jonathan Baldock (foreground)

Laura Oldfield Ford

Jonathan Baldock (left), Justin Mortimer

l-r: Laura Oldfield Ford, Tom Gidley, Jonathan Baldock, Justin Mortimer

l-r: Elizabeth Eamer, Graham Dolphin, James Unsworth

l-r: Caroline Achaintre, Laura Oldfield Ford, Tom Gidley, Jonathan Baldock

Caroline Achaintre

Elizabeth Eamer (right)

James Unsworth (left), Caroline Achaintre (right)

Harry Burden (left), James Unsworth (center), Caroline Achaintre (right), Dawn Mellor (far right)

James Unsworth

Harry Burden (left), James Unsworth (center), Caroline Achaintre (right)

Clem Crosby (left), Boo Savile (right)

l-r: Dawn Mellor, Clem Crosby, Boo Saville, Harry Burden, Tom Gidley (background right)

l-r: Harry Burden, Caroline Achaintre, Dawn Mellor, Clem Crosby, Boo Saville

Tom Gidley

Dawn Mellor
James Unsworth (left)

Boo Saville
Photos: Walter Willems 

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